Apeks 100Mtr Chrono Dive Watch Mens (APO406-4)

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Apeks 100Mtr Chrono Dive Watch Mens

Apeks 100m Chronograph Rubber Watch

The Apeks Chronograph watch is an excellent dive timepiece perfect for keeping time on your dives. Unlike other watches in the Apeks dive watch range, this watch can keep track of time in seconds, minutes and hours, perfect for when you need to measure time during a dive. It also comes with a date display and has an easy to read face with one way bezel with practicality and functionality in mind. The watch has a Seiko VX42 Quartz movement that is high quality and reliability throughout time.

The watch itself is housed in a rugged stainless steel case to ensure it can take on tougher dives. With a range of 100m this watch is great for recreational dives or for shallow dives where you need to keep time more effectively. With a PU polyurethane strap and mineral crystal face, the watch is not only functional but stylish as well, perfect for use in a casual setting.

Key Benefits

  • Comfortable The watch has a 41mm diameter, 11.5mm case depth, 20mm strap, making it compact and lightweight on the wrist. The PU Polyurethane strap is designed to be as durable and comfortable as possible.
  • Durable Housed in a rugged stainless steel frame, the watch can take on a good amount of wear and tear while remaining effective.
  • Stylish The silver frame and black watch face creates a stylish design, perfect for the fashion conscious diver.
  • Practical The easy to read luminous face is complemented with a large unidirectional bezel and day/date display to make sure the watch is as easy to use and helpful as possible.
  • Reliable With a Seiko VX42 Quartz Movement, the timepiece is ultra reliable and can be counted on to be effective at all times.


Who is the Apeks 100m Chronograph Rubber Watch For?

If you’re looking for an effective dive watch that is durable and reliable then look no further. With a depth range of 100m, this watch is more than enough for the typical recreational dive while the fact it can measure hours, minutes and seconds makes it more functional than other dive watches in this price range.

This watch is more pricey than other dive watches but if you’re looking for one that can individually measure time on its own then this could be worth the extra investment.

Who are Apeks?

Well known for their design and manufacturing of high quality breathing apparatus, Apeks supply more UK divers with regulators than any other dive manufacturer. Apeks has grown to become one of the benchmarks of the industry with superior standards in both engineering and design. Innovative development of not only their regulators but other diving equipment, Apeks offer a lifetime guarantee on all of their equipment, a testimony to the reliability and quality.