Apeks XTX200/XTX40 Stage 3 Set

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Apeks XTX200/XTX40 Stage 3 Set

Apeks XTX200 Regulator Plus XTX40 Octopus, Stage 3 Set


The Apeks XTX200 First and Second stages are the flagship of the Apeks regulator range. From styling to internal and external build quality XTX regulators from Apeks are packed with features such as subtle chrome accenting to reversible hose routing. Apeks XTX regulators are designed to be as flexible as you are. The XTX200 XTX40 set comes with the compact and lightweight XTX40 octopus along with the top of the line XTX200 first and second stages.


Reversible Second Stage Valve Operation

All XTX regulators have reversible valve operation, allowing a service technician to route the hose from either the right or left hand side of the regulator. This greatly improves hose routing options, allowing a diver to more comfortably configure their regulator setup.

XTX Reversible Venturi System

The reversible venturi system allows a diver to control the flow of gas through the regulator to improve freeflow resistance and breathing effort. The indexable venturi lever can act as a pre-dive switch, in the minus position the regulator will not freeflow when dropped into water or the entry phase of the dive. In the plus position the Venturi Assist improves breathing assistance. Due to the design of the Venturi Assist System it can be placed in the correct position depending on which side the hose is configured.

Diver Changeable Exhaust System

The Diver Changeable Exhaust (DCE) System allows the diver to choose between two exhaust tee's to make the second stage either more compact or to provide better dispersal of bubbles on exhalation. The larger exhaust reduces bubbles from entering a divers field of view whilst the smaller tee piece reduces the bulk of the second stage whilst reducing weight.

Pneumatically Balanced with Cracking Resistance Control


Pneumatically balanced design means that inhalation effort is reduced providing a more comfortable breath over long periods of time. Cracking resistance can be controlled to provide the perfect amount of breathing resistance and to reduce freeflows. An internal fine adjustment can be adjusted by an Apeks Service Technician to set the regulator up for minimal breathing resistance through a range of medium stage pressures.


XTX200 First Stage


  • All medium pressure ports are 3/8” UNF allowing the reversible XTX second stage to be mounted to either side of the first stage.
  • Balanced for excellent, dependable performance
  • XTX200 Regulators comes with an environmental dry kit, this keeps out water and therefore contaminants, also improves resistance to freezing
  • Tough 300 BAR DIN hand wheel is made using two shot moulding process
  • Co-moulded yoke knob with new cosmetic ring
  • Nitrox ready to 40% oxygen, brand new, out of the box
  • Forged body is robust and compact
  • 4 3/8" UNF angled medium pressure ports
  • 2 7/16" UNF angled high pressure ports
  • Removable Arcap valve seat


XTX200 Second Stage


  • The XTX200 second stage is pneumatically balanced
  • Medium pressure hose can be swapped from right to left
  • Choice of two exhaust valves (Diver Changeable Exhaust [DCE] System) - larger exhaust tee gives better dispersion of bubbles away from divers face, the small valve is lighter and more compact. Both exhaust tees are included with the regulator
  • Exhalation and work of breathing performance has been improved over the ATX200 regulator
  • Suitable for use in cold water
  • Second stage opening effort and venturi control are are adjustable by the diver
  • Venturi adjustment is indexable, tactile and audible
  • Reversible venturi system
  • Micro adjuster
  • Fitted with Comfo Bite mouthpiece
  • Metal moulded into front cover
  • Swivel hose connection available as an optional extra


XTX40 Octopus


  • Pneumatically balanced second stage design
  • Suitable for use in cold and warm water
  • Bright chrome finish
  • Reversible venturi system
  • Hose can be configured to go into the left or right side of the second stage
  • Front cover made using two shot moulding process for toughness
  • Diver Changeable Exhaust (DCE) System allows the diver to choose between two exhaust tee's - the larger tee disperses exhalation bubbles more effectively whilst the smaller tee is lighter in weight and more compact
  • Highly visibile with yellow faceplate, yellow accent pieces and 36" yellow hose