Aqua Lung Aqualux 5000 Torch

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Aqua Lung Aqualux 5000 Torch

The top-of-the-line AQUALUX 5000 torch combines high-tech functionality with rugged durability. The heavy duty aluminum constructed body houses three CREETM LED light sources, a dimmer switch, Li-ion rechargeable batteries and a two-piece advanced optical group consisting of a metallic parabola and a techno polymer lens. The AQUALUX 5000 also features Aqua Lung’s proprietary zoom adjustment focus system designed to concentrate more light in the center of the beam and convenient USB recharging capability.

  • AQUALUX torches feature top-quality CREETM LED’s
  • Double Optical Group. The optical group consists of two pieces: a metallic parabola plus a technopolymer lens that work together for exceptional performance. The parabola has a 40mm diameter and the lens has a 22mm diameter, making the AQUALUX series one of the most powerful diving torch collections in the market.
  • Zoom Adjustment System. The zoom adjustment guarantees the best quality spotlight by concentrating the light in the centre of the beam.
  • Durable Electronics Assembly. The main chipboard is solidly assembled to guarantee the reliability and durability of all the electronics.
  • Proprietary Mechanical Construction. The proprietary aluminium construction makes every AQUALUX torch reliable and robust for heavy duty use, while also easy inspect and maintain.
  • Lumen. 1500