Eight Ways Diving is Good for your Health

Eight Ways Diving is Good for your Health

Diving isn’t just an exciting way to enjoy the ocean. The underwater sport is also good for the body and the mind. In addition to all of the reasons to love scuba, here are eight ways diving is good for you – no matter what your age, size, or diving ability.

Mindful Breathing

Paying attention to the rhythm of one’s breath stabilizes any negative feelings and calms the nervous system. Deep breathing can also build exercise stamina, boost the immune system, and clear the mind for better focus.


Many people are intimidated by finding stillness in meditation, but divers do it all the time – even if they don’t realize it. Meditation controls anxiety, reduces age-related memory loss, fights addictions, calms the mind, and promotes emotional health and self-awareness.

Physical Fitness

Swimming against the current, fin kicks, and even carrying scuba gear requires effort on the entire body. Diving is a relaxing sport, but the act of movement underwater keeps the heart rate moving, tones muscles, and builds endurance and strength. It’s an underwater workout that is also easier on the joints and ligaments.

Lower Blood Pressure

An exciting animal encounter or a strong current can increase the heart rate, but the overall dive experience is relaxing and calming, which reduces stress and anxiety. The lower temperature of the water physically calms the body and the blood vessels resulting in a lower heart rate and lower blood pressure.

Interaction with Outdoor Elements

Exploring a new environment, even if you have a logbook full of dives, is always a unique experience. Exposing oneself to the warmth of the sun, colorful underwater panoramic views, and playful marine life ignites a happier and more joyful mood. What’s even better: Tranquil blue hues, similar to the color of the ocean, creates calming chemicals in the body.

Increased Flexibility

The movements we make while diving are different than what one finds in the gym. The slow fin kicks and core engagement during a dive lengthens muscles and builds a stronger abdomen. The results can lead to leaner muscle tone and better posture.

Good for the Planet

When divers participate in events like Dive against Debris or by simply picking up any plastics or netting found on a reef, they are cleaning up the ocean and protecting the marine life. Even the smallest act contributes to the wellness of the ocean, which affects the water system, food chain, and overall health of the food and water consumption.

Better Sleep

After a day of diving, it’s not uncommon to have a more restful sleep. Some divers experience more vivid (underwater) dreams. The flowing movements, underwater scenery, mindful breathing, and the dive experience as a whole contribute positively to one’s physical and emotional mindset. A happier disposition at the end of the day makes it easier for anyone to fall into a deep slumber – and ready to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.

By noticing these simple benefits on your next dive, you’ll have a deeper appreciation for the sport and give yourself an excuse to get back in the water – and do something healthy for yourself.

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