Cylinder Testing

Here at Sunderland Scuba Centre we test cylinders on site to IDEST Standards within 24 hours. Scuba cylinders require a test every 2.5 years and 5 years for an airgun cylinder, from the date of manufacture. 

 To book your cylinder in for test just call into the shop and we will take some details from you. Leave the cylinder will us and we will call when it's ready to collect.

If you are unsure whether your cylinder needs a test or not pop into the shop and we will be able to help you.


Hydrostatic Test £44.95
Visual Test £39.95
Cylinder O2 Clean £25.00
Twinset & Manifold O2 Clean £65.00
 Internal Cylinder Rumble £17.95
 Twin Set Hydrostatic Test, Strip & Rebuild £105.00
 Twin Set Visual Test, Strip & Rebuild £95.00
 Airgun Valve Replacement £99.00
 Scuba Valve Replacement £68.00

 *Payment is required for a cylinder test before any work begins