Dive Rite HunterPac

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Dive Rite HunterPac

The HunterPac BCD takes all of our great technical and recreational BCD features and combines them with a few spear fishing essentials creating a BCD that excels in any type of open water diving. Spear fishing today and shooting pictures tomorrow, the HunterPac BCD makes it possible with all of its features and functions.

Providing 35 lbs. (15.8 kg) of lift, the HunterPac 360-degree, donut wing supports aluminum and steel tanks with a maximum weight of 32 lbs. (14.5 kg) with optional pockets. With an integrated Gusset Control system that reduces “taco” effect and promotes effective streamlining, the HunterPac puts buoyancy where it is most needed (throughout the torso supporting the weight of the tank) for superior horizontal trim.  Coming standard with a shoulder exhaust pull-dump and a waist-level exhaust valve, trimming the BCD is easy. The donut shape and design of the air cell (wing-style) provides maximum comfort throughout the dive with no squeezing or restrictions that can happen with a typical jacket-style BCD. Floating on the surface in a vertical position in the HunterPac is not a problem; it won’t tip you over.

Diving in a wetsuit or drysuit, warm water or cold water, steel tank of aluminum tank, the HunterPac will adapt. With an extremely comfortable soft back plate and lumbar pad and the versatile one-size-fits-all adjustable harness with cross-chest strap and crotch strap, the HunterPac can be sized for any diver for a perfect custom fit. Double stainless steel cam straps that accommodate almost any single tank configuration and the ability to add optional weight pockets gives you unlimited options.

Carrying a spear fishing stringer or a ZooKeeper's Lionfish unit is not a problem with the HunterPac’s configurable D-ring mounting points for gear placement. Position the existing D-rings anywhere you want or add additional D-rings is your choice.

Extremely rugged, the HunterPac is designed for long-term use based on a hybrid design of our technical BCDs. Using the same materials and craftsmanship with a simplified design, the HunterPac weighs in at only 6.2 lbs. (2.81 kg) making it ideal for travel. Its ruggedness is enhanced with a heavy-duty, 210-denier nylon laminated bladder.

One size fits all.

Made in the U.S.A.