Hollis C60 LX Wing

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Hollis C60 LX Wing

The C60 LX is our largest wing offering 60lbs (27kg) of lift from a 360 degree donut bladder with an intended use for heavier twinsets or similar configurations. The C60 LX is a redesign of the original C60 but with crucial improvements including the tougher bladder outer cover which is now made from HD laminated 1680 denier Cordura for additional abrasion and puncture protection.

Additional improvements include a new internal retraction loop to draw the bladder back into the centre during deflation to reduce drag and minimise snagging issues. The corrugated inflator hose has been given an oval profile to give a more streamlined profile with controlled routing to the centrally positioned elbow that now better accommodates twinset configurations. The C60 LX has been a cosmetic boost with a Hollis red band around the circumference of the wing.

The outer Cordura layer incorporates three drainage grommets in the bottom of the wing to drain excess water as quickly as possible. The internal bladder can be easily accessed via the composite zip that runs the internal edge of the wing and allows to maintenance or repair without hassle. An over-pressurisation valve is located on the lower left side.

The wing measures approximately 74cm wide, 67cm high and 17cm thick at the widest points and when fully inflated. 

  • Welded flange and one piece retainer for servicing without the need for tools
  • Outer shell constructed of HD Laminated 1680D Cordura
  • 420 nylon internal bladder
  • Centrally located elbow to avoid tank valve/regulator interference
  • Lower left pull relief valve
  • Cam band slots
  • Single Bladder