Mares Sea Friends Turtle Snorkelling set

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The Mares Sea Friends Snorkelling Set is a great introduction to the underwater world with a mask, dry snorkel and fins all together in a dry bag.  The mask offers a wide field of vision and is made to fit smaller faces.  The snorkel has a dry top valve that will close when submerged to prevent water from getting in, if any water does get in then the lower purge valve will push any water inside out with each breath.

Adjustable heel strap fins allow for growing feet and everything can be kept together and carried to the beach in a roll top dry bag backpack to keep water out or keep water in.


Mask ■ Siliter skirt ■ Quick release buckles ■ Wide-angled field of vision
Snorkel ■ 100% dry top ■ Siliter mouthpiece

One Size