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IMCA Dive Technician Course

IMCA Dive Technician Course


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This course has been developed specifically for dive technicians working in the
Offshore Industry. The emphasis is on the Code of Practice D018 to which IMCA
firms work.

The course is for dive technicians, who want to be able to inspect diving and
breathing gas cylinders that are used by offshore commercial companies.

Aim of the course
At the end of this short course the student will be able to:
• confidently and competently inspect diving and breathing gas cylinders,
remove and refurbish cylinder valves.
• know the content of the Code of Practice D018 relating to the inspection
of cylinders.
• understand the content of cylinder and valve drawings as provided by
• be aware of the content and information provided on thread gauge calibration certificates.

Course Outline
Course is based on a classroom and workshop format and lasts about 6 to 8 hours. It consists of a theory presentation
that covers the topics shown below. This is followed by a practical workshop session where cylinder valves are
removed, cylinders inspected externally and internally and the valve refurbished. The cylinder is then labelled
according to ISO 13769:2002 and an inspection report completed.

Session topics
• IDEST and the scope of its work
• Cylinder manufacture & Standards’ information
• Cylinder information & Cylinder testing methods
• IMCA Code of Practice D018 & Details sheets
• Cylinder stamping and labelling
• Tools/equipment required for basic inspection
• Checking external condition of cylinders
• Valve removal
• Checking internal condition of cylinders
• Conducting internal inspections
• Valve dismantling & cleaning
• Refitting and torquing of cylinder valve
• Action to take in the event of concerns over condition of valve or cylinder
• Forms and paperwork for inspection
• Standards covering inspection & testing of cylinders
• Cylinder & valve drawings & information for technicians
• Thread gauge calibration certificates and contained information
What will the students receive?
• Training from a qualified, competent, IDEST Ltd approved trainer
• A certificate of course attendance
• A digital Course Manual as source material

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