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INON D200 Strobe

INON D200 Strobe


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INON D200 Strobe

Inon D-200 Underwater Strobe

The next generation of strobes are available from Inon. Replacing the older D-2000 strobe is the Inon D-200. This strobe offers the same quality as all Inon strobes and incorporates many of the new unique features that were unveiled with the more powerful Inon Z-330 strobe.

The Inon D-200 is a midrange strobe, perfect for compact shooters and those who want something more affordable, but still high quality and full featured. It offers a powerful GN of 20 and has 100° coverage without a diffuser thanks to the new domed front port. There is a built in focus light with 220 lumen power. Improved heat tolerance with a new cicurlar metal heatsink allows for more repetitive flashes without risk of overheating. In addition it features larger controls for easier use and is much lighter than the original D-2000 at only 25.7oz (729g). Underwater weight has been improved as well with a negative buoyancy of only 4g (0.1 oz). Weight and buoyancy include strobe, Strobe Light Shade and 4 x AA Eneloop batteries.

Inon D-200 Features

  • Guide Number 20
  • Uses Inon's unique "T-Shaped twin flash" for superior coverage
  • 110° angle of view (without a diffuser)
  • 13 Steps Manual Mode
  • Fires via optical sensor only (Fiber Optic Only, no Electronic Sync Cable attachment)
  • S-TTL Auto with high performance slave sensor
  • Color Temperature: 5500K (without Soft Filter, 5400K with Soft Filter)
  • Shorter recycle rate of 1.3s (compared to D-2000)
  • Built in 220 lumen focus light with 30° beam angle
  • Uses 4 x AA Batteries (we recommend rechargeable Sanyo Batteries)
  • Approx 410 flashes per battery charge with Sanyo Eneloop
  • Depth Rating 100m (330ft)
  • Weight: 729g (25.7oz) - with shade and batteries / 577g (20.4oz) - without shade and batteries

Removeable Rotating Shade

The "Strobe Light Shade" comes with the Inon D-200 and can be rotated in all directions in order to help mask off any stray light - such as light bouncing too close to the dome and causing reflection or backscatter. The dome clicks throughout the 360° rotation to allow for easy and comfortable rotation without it constantly moving out of place.

Phosphorescent Rear Panel - Glows in the Dark!

High intensity phosphorescent material allows the whole back panel to glow for improved visibility during night dives (and dark day dives too!)

Accessory Filters

The Inon D-200 uses the same bayonet system as the Z-330 and accepts a variety of filters easily. The strobe comes with the "Dome Filter SOFT" which protects the dome lens surface and further softens the strobe light. There are three additional filters available which include:

  • Inon Strobe Dome FIlter ND - Neutral Density diffuser which steps the power down by -4EV
  • Inon Strobe Dome Filter 4600K - lowers the color temperature to 4600K for warmer red tones
  • Inon Strobe Dome Filter 4900K - lowers the color temperature to 4900K for warmer red tones

Left to Right: Dome Filter ND, Dome Filter 4600K, Dome Filter 4900K

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