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Mares Flexa 8-6-5mm She Dives

Mares Flexa 8-6-5mm She Dives


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Mares Flexa 8-6-5mm She Dives

The new Flexa line means new standards made up of aesthetic and functional innovations.

A complete revamp of the already existent wetsuit family, this model is made for cold waters,

specifically designed to guarantee thermal comfort!

  • The ultimate expression of Trilastic material design
  • Varied thicknesses strategically placed in different areas of the body
  • New soft ergonomic custom closure
  • Back and shoulders comfort system: an additional layer of neoprene stitched in the back for added comfort and protection
  • Front zip with smooth neoprene flap for greater comfort and isolation
  • Integrated buckle on the leg for hood attachment or attachment of the dedicated Flexa Smart Pocket (sold separately)
  • Back Protection System
    Ergonomically shaped neoprene cushion between back and tank support for improved wearing comfort and extra warmth in a zone which is usually cold sensitive.
  • Thermo Plush
    Extremely soft internal layer in the chest area to keep the upper part of the body warm. Thermo Plush is durable and dries fast.
  • Hood Keeper
    Integrated retaining ring to hold divers hood.
 Thickness: 8.6.5
Water temperature: Cold water


Ladies Wetsuit Size Chart

Size      Height            Chest               Waist           Hips     

XS        163.5/5'4"       75/30"              66/26"         82.5/32"

S           166.5/5'6"       79/31"             70/28"          86.5/34"

M          170/5'7"          85.5/34"           75/30"           92/36"

L           173/68"'         89.5/35"           79/31"          96/38"

XL        176/5'9"           93.5/37"           83/33"          100/39"

XXL      179/5'10"       97.5/38"             87/34"          104/41"

3XL      182/6'             101.5/40"           91/36"          108/43"



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