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Miflex Xtreme-Hi+ High Pressure Diving Hose

Miflex Xtreme-Hi+ High Pressure Diving Hose


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Xtreme-Hi+ High Pressure Diving Hose

Xtreme-hi + HP Hoses A New Range of High Quality HP hoses from Miflex. Miflex Xtreme-hi + hoses offer added benefits to divers with high quality manufacturing and added features including a burst pressure rating of over 1,500 bar and asupplied as standard with factory fitted shock absorbers, which increase resistance to impact, as well as acting as a retaining plug within some SPG consoles. All Miflex HP hoses are manufactured to the EN250 standard. Standard fitttings: M 7/16" UNF, F 7/16" UNF Working Pressure: 300 Bar Outside Diameter: 6mm Test Results Burst Test Pressure: > 2,000 Bar (EN250 requirement >1250 Bar)
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