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Tusa APA Inflation System

Tusa APA Inflation System


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Tusa APA Inflation System

The A.P.A. or Active Purge Assist is revolutionary new pneumatically assisted inflate/deflate system available exclusively on and for TUSA BCJ's.

The system looks like a standard BC inflator, but it's not. In fact, the A.P.A. has several design and performance enhancements that sets it apart from the rest.

A newly designed O.P.E.V. (Over Pressure Exhaust Valve) and low profile in-line corrugated hose is coupled to the A.P.A. inflator body offering precise buoyancy control and adjustment at your fingertips.

Uniquely, the system can be mounted on the BCJ in a variety of ways including: (See pictures opposite)

  1.  Traditional, over the shoulder.
  2.  Underarm, positioned a pocket/hip.*
  3.  Underarm, positioned in centre chest - ideal for
       handicapped divers.*

* Requires TC-753 Mounting Strap.

Routing the A.P.A. under the arm positions it in the hip area offering quick access and a more streamlined setup. In addition, the centre-chest position can aid buoyancy control for some handicapped divers.

How does it work?

The A.P.A. power controls are precise and allow for fine-tuning buoyancy by utilizing a very small amount of air from the cylinder. The pneumatically assisted power deflation along with the newly designed O.P.E.V. dramatically increases flow rates - resulting in an immediate and ultra-efficient purging of the air-cell.

The system offers three ways to purge your BCJ:

  1.  A.P.A. power deflate.
  2.  Standard pull dump.
  3.  Exhaust from oral inflator.


  • Revolutionary pneumatic assisted purge system for TUSA BCJ’s.
  • Increased flow rates (inflate/deflate) for better performance over standard inflators.
  • Newly designed O.P.E.V. immediately responds to user input.
  • Streamlined design reduces drag and bulkiness.
  • Achieve perfect buoyancy with precise fingertip controls.
  • 3 ways to purge a BCJ – APA pneumatic, standard pull dump, exhaust from oral inflator.
  • Designed for low maintenance and easy care decreasing inflator malfunctions.
  • Optional on TUSA BCJ’s or as add-on accessory.


The A.P.A. system is standard on the
BCJ-7000C Conquest and the BCJ-9300C
Selene II and available as an add-on
accessory for current TUSA BCJ's.
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