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360 Observe

360 Observe Diving Mirror

360 Observe Diving Mirror


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360 Observe Diving Mirror, Black bungee straps.

The 360observe Mirror is a small convex mirror that is worn around the wrist or hand and allows the diver to easily maintain eye contact with other divers, their kit and the environment around them.

This little mirror has many uses such as keeping an eye on a group of students, bubble checking your own valves or rebreather for leaks or faults, angle it to see into confined spaces, use it as a signal mirror or a navigational aid when swimming backwards on the surface.

The 360observe is a small circular convex mirror mounted in a plastic surround measuring 50mm in diameter. The surround is attached to an elastic cord which can be adjusted to fit on a gloved hand, around a wrist or clipped on to a BCD.

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