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It is the three-instrument version of the Donatello 2 console, equipped with the Donatello computer, a minimanometer and a compass.

  • Donatello is a new computer launched in 2020¬†for scuba diving and freediving.

An elegant expression of simple, functional design, the Donatello is a must-have for divers entering the sport and for those who "just want to dive". It is a completely modular, rugged computer with a wide UFDS display, which provides the proverbial ease of navigation and Cressi computer menus.

It has complete Nitrox management, depth gauge mode, and a reset option.

The algorithm incorporates RGBM and Deep Stop. Menus and navigation system identical to the rest of the Cressi diving computers, with ease of reading, access to information and model parameter modification.

A single button interface makes it effortless to set Air, Nitrox, Gauge and Free mode.

The first time a diver picks the computer up, and an edge-to-edge, high-definition screen gives large numerical displays in a computer that is still compact and travel-friendly.

Easy configuration, navigation through the various menus and access to a large amount of information displayed intuitively. Features a ‚ÄúUser-Friendly Display System‚ÄĚ: the information display, screen contrast, proportions and digit size have been carefully chosen for ease of use.

All of the information presented is separated by light lines to facilitate reading even in stressful or emergency situations.

Back-lit display activated by a button or when the alarm sounds. Extended battery life through a combination of systems: battery saver mode when the computer is not used with automatic power-on.

Gauge calibrated in salt water for maximum precision during typical use. The Donatello can also be fully reset after each use, making it possible to give to another diver.

Power-saving processor and CR2430 battery replaceable by the user without tools. The clearly visible battery life indicator and distinct audible alarms deliver critical information as well as peace-of-mind during the dive.

The interface (not included) uses IR to connect to the diving computer and a USB cable for PC connection. The Interface software is compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac computers.

The Interface is available also with Bluetooth connectivity for connecting the device to the smartphone.

SEE : Technical features



It is a small, light-weight gauge that has been specifically designed to avoid excessive strain on the HP hose that connects to the first stage of the regulator.

The instrument has a metal case in chromium plated brass and is therefore extremely strong.

The front glass is made so that it also acts as a pressure relief valve.

In the event of a sudden increase in pressure inside the instrument, the glass rises slightly, allowing the excess pressure to escape.

The luminescent dial is calibrated up to 350 bar in the metric version and 5000 psi in the imperial one. The area below 50 bar is highlighted in red, the one between 50 and 200 is green and that from 200 to the end of the scale is light blue.


The instrument is housed in a small, modern shaped console, made from polycarbonate and desmopan, two materials that guarantee protection from shocks and scratches and which, at the same time, are very light.

On the top of the console there is a loop for fastening the instrument to the jacket so that it does not hang down with the risk of catching and damaging the environment.


New navigation system, menu and introduction of parameters for maximum usability and intuition. Outstanding ease of configuration, navigation through the different menus and access to the large amount of information provided in a very intuitive way

  • Clock 12/24 hours with calendar and seconds
  • Precision stopwatch¬†
  • High-intensity backlight function (4000¬†Mlux, more than twice the number of computers with the highest lighting power to date)
  • Indication of non-flight time and desaturation time
  • Low battery indicator
  • Metric or imperial units
  • Battery replaceable by user
  • OFF MODE for use in snorkelling / swimming
  • LOG BOOK with the historical memory of 50 dives per mode or 40 hours
  • Air, Nitrox (EAN), Gauge and Apnea (Free) modes¬†
  • Very long battery life through a combination of systems: saving mode when the computer with automatic ignition is not used and a new low consumption processor. CR2430 battery¬†
  • Interface with connection to the dive computer simply by supporting the computer and connection to the PC with USB cable. Software compatible with all Windows and Mac versions
  • Calibrated depth gauge in salt water for maximum precision in the most common use
  • ¬†


  • Polyvalent Air / Nitrox
  • Algorithm RGBM¬†Wienke, 9 tissues modified
  • RGBM + Deep¬†Stop¬†(optional)
  • Customizable algorithm in 3 levels (Safety Factor: SF0, SF1, SF2)
  • It allows successive dives with different mixtures
  • CNS toxicity oxygen indicator
  • Diving¬†planning mode
  • PP02 adjustable from 1.2 to 1.6
  • Logbook: 50 dives per modality or 40 hours
  • Variable ascent velocity with graphic indicator and visual and acoustic alarms
  • Configurable altitude
  • Acoustic and visual alarms with display light: P02, CNS, Ascent velocity, DECO, omitted DECO.¬†¬† Exceeded maximum depth (optional)
  • Calibrated in salt water to obtain a great precision
  • Optional¬†safety¬†stop¬†in case of dives at safety curve
  • 4 years approximate autonomy (50 annual dives)
  • Temperature, hour, instant P02, allowed maximum depth and mixture used are visible underwater pushing a button
  • Backlighted display (one push, 5 seconds)
  • Reset option through menu. It eliminates the residual nitrogen memory to allow it to be used in diving¬†centers¬†or to be rented



This mode has been studied to provide the basic precise parameters for diving with mixtures and decompression charts calculated with a specific program. 

  • Gauge calibrated in salt water (maximum precision)
  • Current depth supply, maximum depth, dive time in minutes and seconds, and temperature
  • 50 Dives Logbook independent from dives made in Gauge mode
  • Average depth
  • Operable chronometer under water


  • Depth
  • Temperature
  • Diving counter
  • Maximum diving depth
  • Elapsed dive time
  • Surface interval from the previous dive
  • Elapsed¬†Sesion¬†time
  • Alarm of depth, time of diving, time of surface
  • Recovery time with alarm
  • Indication of time during the dive
  • Static apnea chronometer
  • Logbook of 50 dives per day¬†
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