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Mares Essence Liquidskin Mask

Mares Essence Liquidskin Mask


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Mares Essence Liquidskin Mask

The Essence is light and foldable with a wide field of vision.

Quick-adjust buckles make this scuba mask very user-friendly- an exclusive design

which blends great technology and aesthetics.

  • Bi-silicone skirt for unmatched comfort
  • Light and foldable, also ideal as spare mask
  • Ample field of vision
  • X-shaped bi-silicone strap
  • Single lens design


Volume: Reduced
Tempered Glass Lense: Yes
Fitting: Regular


  • Liquidskin
    Patented Technology. The exclusive Bi-Silicone technology uses two different types of silicone: a firmer portion for support structure and a softer portion for contact with your face. It is 45% softer for unparalleled comfort and 270% more elastic for a perfect fit.
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