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Oceanic FDXi 1st Stage - DIN - EX DISPLAY

Oceanic FDXi 1st Stage - DIN - EX DISPLAY


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Oceanic FDXi 1st Stage 

The FDXi has been designed to be as lightweight and compact as possible whilst ensuring the exceptional performance levels we expect from our first stages. In fact, the new inline design eliminates the pressure loss that is inherent in a typical first stage that requires the gas flow to make a 90 degree turn as soon as it enters the first stage so the FDXi is even more efficient. The body has been striped of all excess weight to give a minimalistic look that also increases the surface area of the first stage to maximise thermal transfer. A dry chamber environmental seal provides protection from internal contamination and also works to provide excellent cold water performance and reliability. The FDXi offers four low pressure ports and two high pressure ports are convenient angles for optimal hose routing. The first stage is fitted with our DVT (Dry Valve Technology) which automatically seals the cylinder connector when the regulators are not pressurised and re-opens when pressurised to help prevent contaminants and moisture from entering the first stage when not in use.

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