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Pandora Lab

Pandora Lab Multi Tool Steel/Titanium

Pandora Lab Multi Tool Steel/Titanium


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Scuba Diving Dedicated Multi Tool Pandora Lab Tools

Introducing Pandora Tool Pandora Tool is a scuba diving equipment tool for field maintenance, made by divers and engineers.

When you enjoy scuba diving, equipment failures happen anywhere and at any time.

As divers and/or instructors, although you carry proper tools to cope with some unexpected situations which could take place during the courses or dive trips, the existing diving tools are always a little too much to have with due to the large volume and weight.

The tools available at dive resorts or aboard are not easy to use because they are mostly rusty.

Multi-tools designed for diving purpose do not exactly consist of what you actually need on site, so they do not function properly when needed.

As divers and engineers, many questions and requests on equipment are given to us whenever we go diving.

It was inconvenient for us to pack all the tools to check divers’ regulators and even to conduct short seminars.

Besides, it was a burden to us to be equipped with a whole new set of tools for mobile maintenance.

Though on land, it is still a problem to travel with a heavy bag of tools. That is why Pandora Tool was created.

Pandora Tool is not all-round that can fix all the regulators out there.

It is a multi-tool for emergencies such as replacing hoses and plugs, adjusting orifice on the 2nd stage or intermediate pressure in the 1st stage.

It is as small as a credit-card and lighter than an iPhone, but has all the functions of a basic tool, and resistant to rust.

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