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Visual cylinder inspection - Twin Set (required every 2.5 years)

Visual cylinder inspection - Twin Set (required every 2.5 years)


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TWIN SET - Visual cylinder inspection (required every 2.5 years)

All cylinders are inspected on-site in our workshop. Inspections are carried out to BRITISH STANDARDS and  IDEST STANDARDS.

Scuba Cylinders Scuba cylinders require Visual inspection every 2.5 years and Hydrostatic test every 5 years

Scuba cylinders which are used with an air gun charging adapter will fall under the same regulations as scuba cylinders, as they are capable of being used underwater, even if this is not what you are using it for.

All cylinders are tested on-site in our workshop to BS EN 1968:2002, BS EN 1802, BS EN ISO 11623:2002, Bs EN 22434:2011, ISO 13769:2002 AND  IDEST CP11:2011.

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